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Agent Appointment Application Form Updated

Effective 8/1/2019



The Agent Appointment Application form (ET-3200) – used by agents seeking appointment with EquiTrust – has been revised. The application now includes an acknowledgement that the agent has read two required EquiTrust documents: Business Guidelines, and the newly created Annuity Suitability Agent User Guide ET-3107 (06-19).


The required-reading documents are accessible at, at the Best Practices link. To view these two documents, click the links below:

Business Guidelines

Annuity Suitability Agent User Guide


The acknowledgement is required only for agents seeking appointment, and does not apply to agents with active contracts.


The acknowledgement is included now with the Agent Appointment Application form ET-3200 (07-19) on the EquiTrust Agent website, and will be required for new agent appointment applications beginning 8/1/2019. Please begin use immediately of the updated application and acknowledgement form.


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