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Post-Anniversary Transfer Window for EquiTrust Life Indexed Annuities

Post-anniversary window for annual transfers among accounts on all indexed annuity products:

Contract owners will have 15 days after the contract anniversary to transfer money among the various accounts.  To request a transfer, the Account Transfer Form (ET-2521) must be postmarked no later than 15 calendar days after the contract anniversary.

Contract owners will be notified of upcoming contract anniversaries by letter, mailed 35 days prior to contract anniversary.  The Account Transfer Form will be enclosed. 

Annual statements will be mailed to your clients, with a copy to you, after the contract anniversary.  An additional copy of the Account Transfer Form will be enclosed.  When your clients receive annual statements and see the interest earned on their accounts, they may wish to visit with you about how their current values are distributed among the available accounts.  Contract owners who request an account transfer will receive a confirmation statement.  Transfers are effective as of the anniversary date.


Allocation Changes
Note that a “transfer” and an “allocation change” are two separate events.  An allocation change applies only to additional premiums received during the contract year, which are placed in the Fixed-Rate Account.  On the contract anniversary, these additional premiums will be reallocated according to the instructions specified by the contract owner.  If your client wishes to change how these additional premiums are allocated among the various accounts, an Allocation Change Form (ET-2520) must be completed.  The form will be provided to contract owners in the same “35-day” letter described above.  All allocation instructions will continue unless changed.  To make an allocation change, the completed form must be received by EquiTrust Life at least five business days before the contract anniversary.

The Tranfer Form (ET-2521) and the Allocation Change Form (ET-2520) are available for printing from the agent website, at the Forms/Materials link.  If you have any questions about account transfers or allocation changes, please call EquiTrust Life Sales Support at 866-598-3694.

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