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SALES WEEK: 10% Premium Bonus Index Annuity – No Vesting


Energize Your Clients' Assets: 10% Premium Bonus


Immediately Added to Accumulation
Value – No Vesting!


MarketPower Bonus Index Annuity

A single premium fixed index deferred annuity with a 10% Premium Bonus on first-year premiums, an income benefit rider option, and index accounts linked to Barclays Focus50 Index and S&P MARC 5% Excess Return Index. Features a 14-year design in most states, and 10-year variation in 17 states.


Unique Opportunity in 17 States

A 10-Year design variation (available in AK, CT, DE, ID, IL, MN, MT, NJ, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, TX, UT, VT and WA) features lower surrender charges: 17%, 15%, 14%, 12%, 10%, 9%, 7%, 5%, 3% and 1%. In all other approved states, MarketPower Bonus Index features a 14-year surrender schedule (20, 20, 19, 19, 18, 17, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2%). Product not available in California and New York. 


For Many Index Annuity Buyers, a Premium Bonus Has Its Place!

An index annuity with a premium bonus may make good sense for clients who:

  • May benefit from penalty-free access for wealth transfer, annuitization or income rider withdrawals
  • Seek higher penalty-free withdrawals as a bridge to Social Security
  • Seek recovery from an underperforming product
  • Anticipate modest market results going forward

Sales Flyer! Bonus vs Non-Bonus Comparison – click here

Non-bonus index annuities typically feature higher rates for greater long-term accumulation potential. A bonus index annuity gives buyers an early boost on accumulation values. See the historical growth of 10% bonus with a 3% point-to-point cap compared to no bonus and 5% point-to-point cap, for both the best and worst S&P 500 10-year periods for the past 20 years.


MarketPower Bonus Index Features Include

  • 0-75 Applicant Ages – No Commission Reduction
  • MGA Commission 8% (7% in 10-year-variation states)
  • Nursing Home Waiver – 100% Account Value
  • Terminal Illness Rider – 75% of Account Value
  • Optional Income Rider with Chronic Illness Doubler
  • Risk-Control Indices: Barclays Focus50 Index and S&P MARC 5% Excess Return Index

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Contract issued on Contract Form Series ICC18-ET-MP10-2000(05-18) or ET-MPP-2000(02-05). Riders issued on Form Series ICC16-ETIBR-FIXED(07-16) or ET-IBR(06-08); ICC17-ET-IBR-ER-A(04-17) or ETIBR-ER-A(04-17); ICC17-ET-FIXED-MVA(02-17); ICC18-430-NHW(06-18) or 430-NHW(08-03); and ICC16-ET-TI(10-16) or ET-TI(10-16). Products underwritten and issued by EquiTrust Life Insurance Company, West Des Moines, Iowa. Products distributed by EquiTrust Insurance Marketing Services; in California doing business as EQT Insurance Marketing Services. For Producer Use Only.





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