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Sales Week: Bridge® helps clients fill the long-term care “bucket”

Sales Week


Bridge® is an innovative way to help clients manage the LTC bucket

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Your clients look to you for solutions to help them fill all the expense “buckets” in retirement. 

One of the deepest buckets? Long-term care (LTC) costs. More than 70% of people age 65 today will need some level of long-term care services.1

How are your clients planning to fill the LTC bucket?

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Increased Coverage Ratios = boosted LTC benefits

Bridge® by EquiTrust combines a fixed index annuity with long-term care coverage, plus the NeverStopSM Wellness Program. It’s an innovative way to build LTC expenses into a comprehensive retirement strategy. 

And now, we've enhanced the maximum Coverage Ratios available on Bridge®. That means every dollar of premium works harder for your clients, resulting in amplified LTC benefits.


In fact, clients in the Preferred underwriting class can choose LTC benefits of at least 3X their premium, and Standard risk classes can choose at least 2X their premium. So, when it comes to helping your clients fill the LTC bucket, serving up Bridge® can help you help them have a strategy in place to manage expenses. 


Access everything you need to learn about, market and sell Bridge®.

Want to see how much LTC coverage a particular client can get through Bridge®? Visit the Bridge® microsite to use our LTC coverage calculator or run an illustration.


1% commission special + Bridge Bucks

Earn Bridge® Bucks cash bonus + take advantage of our extended commission special!

Earn up to an extra $4,500 on your next three issued cases of Bridge® with our limited-time Bridge® Bucks offer. Plus, we've extended our 1% commission special!


Let's talk about how Bridge® can help your clients fill the LTC bucket. Call us at 866-598-3694.

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