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SALES WEEK: Bridge — The Important Link between Wellness and Long-term Care

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How the NeverStopSM Wellness Program can help cut LTC costs

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Like a lot of people planning for retirement, your clients likely have concerns about the unexpected — such as what could happen to them financially if they need long-term care (LTC). 


In fact, 88% of adults aged 50-80 want to age in place, in their own homes and on their own terms.1 

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BRIDGE: A new way to prepare for LTC costs

Bridge by EquiTrust combines an index-linked annuity and LTC benefits, along with NeverStopSM wellness coaching and participation incentives from Assured Allies. NeverStopSM can help your clients unlock the benefits of successful aging, with the goal to prevent, treat and adapt. And that can help them reduce the need for LTC.

Backed by data and science, NeverStopSM empowers your clients to prevent what they can and prepare for what they can’t.

Check out this quick video to learn more about the NeverStopSM Wellness Program.

Click on the link to the microsite and then scroll down to “What is NeverStop?”

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Benefits of the NeverStopSM Wellness Program include:

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Access to a personal Wellness Ally, member website, customized Aging Map and resources

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Special offers and discounts on wellness/aging programs and services

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Wellness credits that can result in increased LTC benefit amount with ongoing participation

Bridge by EquiTrust Bridging The Gap Webinar Series Banner

Mini-webinars to help you learn more about Bridge

The Bridging the Gap mini-webinar series takes place on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll get details about a variety of Bridge topics. There’s still time to catch several mini-webinars.

1% Commission Special Banner

Announcing a limited-time commission offer! We’re offering a 1% commission special for all Bridge applications received through March 31, 2023. No threshold, no hurdles, no waiting period.


Want to talk through the benefits of the NeverStopSM Wellness Program? To get a customized quote for Bridge or talk through a potential case, call (866) 598-3694.

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1. University of Michigan; “Older adults preparedness to age in place”; National Poll on Healthy Aging; April 13, 2022; Older Adults’ Preparedness to Age in Place | National Poll on Healthy Aging (; accessed 11/23/2022.


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