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SALES WEEK: EquiTrust Financial Strength Instills Confidence


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Sales Tip

A Closer Look at

EquiTrust's Financial Strength


Reasons to present EquiTrust products to your valued clients with confidence


When presenting financial products to your valued clients, you want a carrier that strikes the right balance between attractive product features, competitive pricing and strong financials. While EquiTrust works hard on all three levels to earn your confidence, this SALES WEEK is devoted to financial strength.


Company Solvency

The Solvency Ratio expresses financial soundness and a company’s ability to meet policy obligations as they come due. Assets divided by each $100 in liabilities result in a solvency ratio, expressed as a dollar figure. Assets are bonds, stocks, cash and short-term investments.  Solvency ratio for EquiTrust is strong – $106.54 as of 12/31/20.


Capital Strength

Risk-Based Capital (RBC) is a method of measuring the minimum amount of capital to support the company’s overall business operations. Capital provides a cushion to a company against insolvency. The RBC ratio for EquiTrust is 380% as of 12/31/20 – several times the level required by regulators.


Investment Portfolio

The EquiTrust investment portfolio provides the company with liquidity and income - and has increased steadily. Over 84% of the portfolio is made up of bonds, mortgages and cash. The invested assets are $23.0 billion as of 12/31/20 – of which 93% is in investment-grade holdings.


Wards 50

For the sixth consecutive year, EquiTrust earned the prestigious Ward’s 50 recognition for financial performance among 700 US-based life and health insurance companies. To be among the Ward's 50, EquiTrust passed all safety and consistency screens, and achieved superior performance for the five years 2016 through 2020.


Company Ratings

EquiTrust Life Insurance Company is rated BBB+ (Good) by Standard & Poor's and B++ (Good) by A.M. Best Company for its financial strength and ability to meet obligations to policyholders. Earlier this year, A.M. Best Company upgraded its outlook for EquiTrust to “positive.”



Letter of Financial Condition

Financial Overview

Wards 50 Recognition Flyer

EquiTrust Corporate Brochure



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