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SALES WEEK: Index Annuity Illustrations – Smart Sales Tool


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Sales Tip

Index Annuity Illustrations: An Effective…and Smart...Sales Tool  


Informed clients are good for
your business

Help your index annuity customers keep their expectations in check, with an illustration. They’re easy to produce, and educational!   

Customize an illustration to your client’s information, including

  • Age
  • Premium amount
  • Selected product
  • Index accounts
  • Qualification status
  • Income requirements

The detailed report helps clients better comprehend annuity characteristics and variables, such as:

  • Guaranteed Values and Non-guaranteed Values
  • Growth Comparisons Over Best/Worst/Most-Recent Historical Periods
  • Income Rider Calculations, and the Power of Waiting to Start Income

PLUS! Income Rider illustrations allow you to specify a required income amount, to solve for the necessary premium amount.


An Illustration Will Show Your Clients:

  • Recap of index-account allocations and how each strategy works
  • Glossary of terms and surrender-charge schedule
  • Yearly aggregated projected values on a guaranteed and non-guaranteed basis
  • Projected values for each selected account
  • Best, Worst and Last 10-Year results for each selected account
  • Aggregated Best, Worst and Last 10-year results per the selected allocations
  • Annuitization based on guaranteed and non-guaranteed values
  • The impact of market value adjustment on non-guaranteed values
  • Supplement: Hypothetical best 10-year non-guaranteed values

See a Sample Illustration

View an illustration on MarketValue Index Annuity, $100,000 premium. Click here.


Illustrations are available on ALL annuity and life products.


Get acquainted with this power sales tool. Available at, at the Sales Tools link, then click Illustrations; click here. Login is required.


Questions? Call Sales Support
at 866-598-3694 or
visit the Agent
Website at


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