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Sales Week: MarketTen Bonus Index® — the multi-tool of FIAs

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A fixed index annuity offering a true premium bonus — no recapture

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Looking for an income tool that can perform a variety of jobs? Our MarketTen Bonus Index® fixed index annuity (FIA) is a utility vehicle that helps your clients arrive at the retirement they envision. 


Putting MarketTen Bonus Index® to work

MarketTen Bonus Index® offers competitive rates, plus unique advantages designed to help clients achieve specific goals.

MarketTen Bonus Index® features a 6% bonus on all premiums paid in the first five years.


Client objective

How MarketTen Bonus Index® makes it possible

Get a bonus on premiums

Immediately adds a 6% bonus on premiums paid in the first five years to the Accumulation Value; no bonus recapture on withdrawals and surrenders

Consolidate assets

Premium bonus, fixed rate and various index options make MarketTen Bonus Index® ideal for consolidating assets

Prepare for future rollover

Establish as an IRA to prepare as a vehicle for future rollovers

Get return of premiums

With this no-charge feature, the client will receive premiums — less any withdrawals — if the contract is surrendered1

Build guaranteed lifetime income

Through the Income Benefit Rider, the client can build lifetime income based on 7% accumulation for up to 10 years


Get all the information and resources you need to share the advantages of MarketTen Bonus Index®.


Webinar Wednesday!

The unique advantages of MarketTen Bonus Index®

We’ll explore the advantages of MarketTen Bonus Index®, an EquiTrust FIA that functions like a multi-tool for your clients and offers a true premium bonus with no recapture.


Wed., Aug. 30

10:00 a.m. Central


Office closure

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Labor Day closure

EquiTrust offices will be closed on Monday, Sept. 4 to observe Labor Day, and will reopen on Tuesday, Sept. 5.


Would you like to get more details about the many ways to use the multi-faceted MarketTen Bonus Index®? Call us at 866-598-3694.

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1 Less Income Benefit Rider (IBR) charges, if the IBR is elected.


Contract issued on Contract Form Series ICC18-ET-MTB-2000(06-18) or ET-MTB-2000(06-07). Riders issued on Form Series ICC16-ET-IBR-FIXED(07-16) or ET-IBR(06-08); ICC17-ET-IBR-ER-A(04-17) or ET-IBR-ER-A(04-17); ICC17-ET-FIXED-ROP(02-17) or ET-FIXED-ROP(02-17); ICC18-430-NHW(06-18) or 430-NHW(08-03); and ICC16-ET-TI(10-16) or ET-TI(10-16).


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0508-MTB-EM-SW (08-23)



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