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SALES WEEK: Seven E-Tools to Simplify Your Business


Seven E-Tools to Simplify

Your Business


As your business grows, EquiTrust technology helps you keep pace with growing demands for your time. Our web-based services let you operate easily, efficiently and prudently … every step of the selling process.


EquiTrust Technology Platform



Transform your manual contract-delivery process into a secure and expedited digital communication process. E-Delivery is available with paper applications and E-App. 

  • Provides a secure, modernized and digital delivery experience
  • Provides delivery status and tracking for your records

  • Decreases delivery process time from weeks to hours

E-Delivery Educational Resources: Agent User Guide    FAQ


Upload A Doc

Here’s a fast and safe means to submit new business and supporting documents to EquiTrust, in addition to E-App, fax and printed documents.

  1. Login to your Agent Gateway account, click Upload A Doc on the Home Page
  2. Then select either Document Upload or View Upload History
  3. Acceptable formats: TIF, PDF, JPG, DOC, XLS and PPT 

Upload A Doc User Guide, click here



The process is simple – complete and submit applications while meeting remotely with your clients. 

  • Simplify and speed-up the application process
  • Avoid copying redundant information form after form
  • Minimize errors and not-in-good-order apps

Watch 3-minute E-App video, click here

Printable E-App flyer, click here


Delegate Accounts

Allow each of your support staff to have personalized, secure access to the Agent Gateway website. YOU control the online data to which your delegates have access – including Commissions, My Business, Illustrations and Pending/Active Agents. Shared passwords are no longer compatible. 

  1. After login to the Gateway Website, click your user name to open your Agent Account Profile
  2. Click on the Add Delegates tab
  3. Enter name and email address for a delegate, and the Permissions for delegate access

Delegate Accounts general overview, click here 

Delegate Accounts –  Instructional Guide for Delegates, click here


Agent Mobile App

Install the Agent App on your mobile device to access new and active-business details, including notifications when notable changes occur.

  • Receive new-business alerts and product updates
  • See real-time commission-payment information
  • Access EquiTrust product and company information

Agent-App printable flyer, click here

Quick-Start Guide, click here

FAQ, click here


Agent Gateway Website

Your Agent Gateway Account with enhanced authentication security provides a multitude of resources and data, including:

  • Pending/Active Business and Commissions
  • Marketing and Administrative News
  • Forms & sales resources
  • Instructional videos and webinar recordings

Ready to Register or Sign In to your Agent Gateway Account? – Click here


Online Illustrations

Customized illustrations are simple to produce, and help you sell with confidence. 

  • Guaranteed Values and Non-guaranteed Values
  • Growth Comparisons Over Best/Worst/Most-Recent Historical Periods
  • Distinguish between Eligible and Ineligible Beneficiaries for Inherited IRAs

To build an illustration, click here. Login is required. For more information, go to FAQs on the Quick Links menu.



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