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MONTHLY OVERVIEW: September 2023 updates, recaps and department news

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September 2023 


In September, we launched and continued multiple exciting special offers!
Don’t miss out — they're available only through 12/31/23.

Earn $500 for each E-App

E-Applications (E-Apps) help streamline your business by simplifying the application process and minimizing errors. And now, you can earn $500 for each E-App — up to $2,500. Click below for the full rules and details.

New premium bonus special

We’re increasing premium bonuses by 2%1 on select products through the end of the year. Help clients get in on the action and jumpstart their retirement income strategy!


Earn Bridge® Bucks cash bonus + extra 1% commission!

Earn up to $4,500 in Bridge Bucks cash bonus plus an extra 1% commission on all Bridge sales.

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Reminder from compliance — avoid conflicts of interest

To maintain the highest standard of professionalism, we want to remind you of our business guidelines when it comes to agent-client relationships. As an agent contracted with EquiTrust, you may not list yourself as a trustee, executor, guardian, conservator, beneficiary or attorney-in-fact under a power of attorney for one of your clients. Your family members, employees of your agency, and businesses or charities you hold ownership in are also prohibited from being designated in one of the listed roles. Exceptions to this guideline may occur if the client is a member of your immediate family.


Get ahead on Required Minimum Distribution requests

It’s not too early to start submitting Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) requests for tax year 2023. The deadline to submit RMD requests is December 15, 2023.


Questions? Contact EquiTrust Administration at 866-598-3692.


Ensure your business takes the fast lane

On average, not-in-good-order (NIGO) applications take seven more days to process than business submitted in good order. Here are some common areas where mistakes are made, and how you can ensure your business is in good order when it's received at EquiTrust.



  • Type of ownership (page 1, section A) — ensure you check the appropriate box for this section.

Disclosure & Comparison Form:

  • Contract Effective Date — replacement contracts must include the Contract Effective Date of the contract that is being replaced.

Financial Needs Analysis:

  • Source of funds (questions 7-8) — boxes checked in the source of funds section must also be checked in the client’s current assets section.
  • Purchase recommendation (page 4) — EquiTrust won’t accept business for a purchase marked as not based on agent’s recommendation.
  • Agent/producer acknowledgement (right above agent signature section) — if the annuity purchase is replacing an existing annuity or life insurance policy, you must include your basis for recommending the replacement contract.

Best practices when calling EquiTrust — and how to find answers fast

To get your questions or concerns addressed as quickly as possible when calling EquiTrust, be sure to follow the automated prompts and press the number that best describes the specific nature of your call. Pressing “0” will place you in a general queue, and could increase your overall hold time.


Need the phone number or email for a specific department? The Contact Us page on the Agent Gateway can help get you connected with the right team.


Plus! The Agent Gateway is packed with resources that can provide answers to a range of common questions.


Agent Gateway

  • Product details
  • AppBuilder and E-app
  • Sales tools
  • Frequently asked questions
  • And more!
  • Agent Center
    • Active and pending business
    • Business guidelines
    • Commission statements
    • Client statements
    • Pre-approved client ads and advertising requirements
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1Premium bonus on MarketForce Bonus IndexTM increased by 3% in CA.


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