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Sales Week: EquiTrust competitive advantages — giving you a smooth track to run on

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These advantages make it easy to do business with us

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We see you — you’re the liaison between EquiTrust and your clients. That’s why we work hard to give you reasons to recommend us.


Enduring products meet client needs

At EquiTrust, we create products and services not just to solve  the need of the moment, but to ensure clients have solutions that will carry them into their financial future. We put careful thought and research into the design and purpose of all our products, giving them staying power clients can count on.


How many annuity products do you know of that have been offered for more than five years, let alone 20 years? When you think about product longevity, think about EquiTrust. Effective, simple, client-friendly products endure. Here are a few highlights of our long-standing portfolio.

Check out the EquiTrust Competitive Advantages brochure for key reasons to do business with EquiTrust.

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Certainty Select®, our multi-year guarantee annuity (MYGA), was first sold back in 2003 as Certainty, and it’s still on the market today. With its competitive rates, business is booming.

MarketPower Bonus Index®, MarketValue Index® and MarketSeven Index®  — all fixed index annuities (FIAs) — hit the market in 2004, and they’re still going strong.

Confidence Income, a single premium immediate annuity (SPIA), was launched in 2006, and it's still on the market today.

In 2008, we introduced ChoiceFour®, a traditional fixed annuity with four contract options. It's still currently offered.


We introduced the Income Benefit Rider (IBR) in 2008. We continue to offer the IBR on many of our FIAs. 

Market gaps drive innovation

We continue to focus on what matters most to our clients and what's happening in the industry — and the world — as we design and launch new products and solutions. To help close market gaps and meet evolving client needs, innovation is at the core of all our offerings, including these recent developments.


For clients who

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Need long-term care (LTC) coverage and growth potential

Bridge® combines an FIA with an LTC Rider and the NeverStopSM Wellness Program — and everyone’s approved for LTC benefits1

Are interested in converting to a Roth IRA

The Partial Tax Conversion (PTC) program makes it easy to systematically transfer money over time from a Traditional IRA to Roth, or an Inherited IRA to a Non-Qualified contract

Have evolving needs and contracts reaching the end of their surrender period

Our internal transfer program helps retain and reposition business, helping clients achieve their goals as you earn full compensation

Are looking for a short-term FIA with a high issue age

MarketFive IndexTM offers a five-year surrender period, issue age up to 90 and 105% Guaranteed Accumulation Value at the end of the surrender charge period

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New business ticker available on Agent Gateway!

Now, you can check the Agent Gateway anytime to see what our current New Business processing time is. From the homepage, click the calendar icon on the far right near the Marketing Spotlight. 


Want to know more about EquiTrust’s products, solutions and other reasons to recommend us to your clients? Visit the Agent Gateway, or call us at 866-598-3694.

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1 Must pass suitability requirements


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