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SALES WEEK: The Advantage of a Single Payout for a Surviving Spouse

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Recalculating payout, protecting the spouse 

Looking for flexible spousal continuation options that can help your married clients take care of each other financially when one of them passes away? With the payout options under our Income Benefit Rider (IBR), EquiTrust can help you offer spouses the protection they need. 

But spousal continuation doesn’t necessarily mean joint payout is the
best option.

A single payout with the spouse continuing the contract may be a better alternative – especially if there’s significant value in the contract. That’s because we recalculate income and pay out for the life of the spouse after death, while some companies pay out only until the account value
runs out.1

The IBR and spousal continuation options are available on:


MarketPower Bonus Index®


MarketTen Bonus Index®


MarketValue Index®


MarketSeven Index®

Did you know? Doubled income up to 5 years!

With the IBR, if your client becomes chronically ill, income withdrawal amounts may be doubled for up to five years; for joint owners the increase is 50%.

A chronic illness is defined as the inability to perform at least two of six activities of daily living (ADLs) or severe cognitive impairment.

Increased payments continue even if the account value zeroes out.

The original income payment amount resumes when Enhanced Income Withdrawals end.

To talk through our spousal continuation options or get a
customized quote, call (866) 598-3694.


We’ve extended our MarketPower Bonus and MarketTen
9% Rollup Rate special offer through Oct. 31, 2022. 


Upcoming Webinar

Guaranteed Income for a Surviving Spouse
Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 10:00 a.m. CDT

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1Payments will continue at the same amount if Income Withdrawals were based on two lives. Payments will be recalculated based on the spouse’s age if the original Income Withdrawals were based on one life. Spouse may include a domestic partner in OR (in some cases does not include spousal continuation). Spousal continuation may not be elected if Single Life Income Withdrawals were elected and the Accumulation Value is zero. Spousal continuation may not be elected if the surviving spouse is younger than age 50 at the time of the Owner’s death and the Owner had been taking Single Life Income Withdrawals.


Income Benefit Rider offered on select index annuities. May vary by state. 


Withdrawals before age 59½ may result in a 10% IRS penalty tax. Guarantees subject to the claims-paying ability of EquiTrust Life Insurance Company. MarketPower Bonus Index riders issued on Form Series ICC16-ET-IBR-FIXED(07-16) or ET-IBR(06-08); ICC17-ET-IBR-ER-A(04-17) or ET-IBR-ER-A(04-17). MarketTen Bonus Index riders issued on Form Series ICC16-ET-IBR-FIXED(07-16) or ET-IBR(06-08); ICC17-ET-IBR-ER-A(04-17) or ET-IBR-ER-A(04-17). MarketValue Index riders issued on Form Series ICC15-ET-IBR-STR(04-15) or ET-IBR-STR(04-15); ICC17-ET-IBR-ER-A(04-17) or ET-IBR-ER-A(04-17). MarketSeven Index riders issued on Form Series ICC16-ET-IBR- FIXED(07-16) or ET-IBR-FIXED(07-16); ICC17-ET-IBR-ER-A(04-17) or ET-IBR-ER-A(04-17). EquiTrust does not offer investment advice to any individual and this material should not be construed as investment advice. Products underwritten and issued by EquiTrust Life Insurance Company, West Des Moines, Iowa. Products distributed by EquiTrust Insurance Marketing Services; in California doing business as EQT Insurance Marketing Services. For Producer Use Only. © EquiTrust 2022. All Rights Reserved.


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