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Sales Week: Tax advantages of Bridge® make it a no-brainer

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Bridge® offers LTC coverage with tax perks

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If you have clients planning to use a taxable vehicle to cover potential long-term care (LTC) costs, it’s time to let them know there’s a more tax-friendly solution.

Offer up the possibility of using a 1035 exchange to transfer a Non-Qualified taxable annuity into Bridge®. What’s the advantage? If your clients experience a qualifying LTC event and use the money in their annuity to cover associated expenses, the cost basis and the gain are available tax-free.

1% commission special + Bridge Bucks

See how it works:

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The Bridge® microsite has everything you need to learn about, market and sell Bridge®.

1% commission special + Bridge Bucks

Earn Bridge® Bucks cash bonus + take advantage of our extended commission special!

Earn up to an extra $4,500 on your next three issued cases of Bridge® with our limited-time Bridge® Bucks offer. Plus, we've extended our 1% commission special!


Want to talk through the tax advantages of Bridge®? Call us at 866-598-3694.

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1 Subject to IRS daily maximum.

2 If under the age of 59½ at the time of withdrawal, an additional 10% IRS penalty may be imposed.


Bridge® contract issued on Form Series ICC12-ET-EIA-2000(01-12) or ET-EIA-2000(11-21). Long-Term Care Rider issued on ET-LTC(04-22). NeverStopSM Wellness Rider issued on ET-WEL(11-21). EquiTrust does not offer investment advice to any individual or agent/producer and this material should not be construed as investment advice. Products underwritten, issued and distributed by EquiTrust Life Insurance Company, West Des Moines, Iowa. For Producer Use Only. © EquiTrust 2023. All Rights Reserved.

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