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MONTHLY OVERVIEW: April Updates, Recaps and Department News


Agent Gateway Website Upgrade: Delegate Accounts For Your Support Team


Now is the time to create Delegate Accounts so each of your support staff have personalized, secure access to the Agent Gateway website. YOU control the online data to which your delegates have access – including Commissions, My Business, Illustrations and Pending/Active Agents.


IMPORTANT: Additional website enhancements designed to simplify how you submit EquiTrust business are coming soon – including Upload A Doc. In order for your support team to utilize these enhancements on your behalf, each user must have a unique, secured login to the Agent Gateway Website. Shared passwords will no longer be compatible. 


Ready to get Started?

  • For a general overview, click here
  • For an instructional guide for you and your team, click here 

Special Webinar Event

Investing to the Rhythm of Musick


Join us for an informative and interactive webinar on EquiTrust portfolio investment practices.


Ken Musick will explain:  

  • How the Company meets its liabilities
  • Understanding reserves and capital adequacy ratios
  • How various investment instruments help achieve
    our goals
  • Our short- and long-term view of the markets
  • EquiTrust investment staff/background


Thursday, April 29, 10AM Central


Ken Musick,

Managing Director, Investments, EquiTrust

Mackenzi Swenson

EquiTrust Internal

Account Manager


Revised NAIC Model Regulation Adopted in Ten States –
Training Required


The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) revised the Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation 275 in February 2020. The revision is being reviewed by various state insurance departments; we will continue to notify you as states adopt the revised regulation.


Currently, ten states have adopted the Regulation:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Rhode Island 

The revisions require completion of EITHER a 1-hour General Annuity Training CE course available to producers who have taken the previous NAIC Annuity Suitability training, OR a new 4-hour General Annuity Training CE for those who have not taken it previously. General Annuity Training CE must be completed with a training vendor approved by the state in which they are selling. 


Before doing business in these states, agents must fulfill the General Annuity Training requirement and provide a certificate of completion to EquiTrust prior to soliciting or selling. Send by FAX to 515-226-5102, or email: [email protected]. For information about General Annuity Training vendors, visit In the upper right corner, click Agent Training. Or, click here.


Carrier Product Training – No additional or new requirement 

EquiTrust agents must also complete EquiTrust annuity product training. The product training requirement is not impacted by the revised Model Regulation. To complete EquiTrust Annuity Product Training visit, then click Agent Training in the upper right hand corner. Or, click here. You may view your personal training history upon login to the Agent Gateway website. 


Sales-Idea Recap


Sales Ideas! Sent to You in April Issues of


10% Bonus/10-Year Index Annuity in 16 States


Climbing the Retirement Mountain


Discover the Many Benefits of E-App


Power of Life Illustrations


News Briefs

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New Business

Reminder: Revised Disclosures Required 5/1/21 – All Index
Annuity Sales

Changes were implemented to the income benefit riders (IBR) available with EquiTrust Index Annuities. Depending on the product, either the Roll-Up Rate or Income Withdrawal Percentages changed, or both. Disclosure Statements for all* index annuities, and Disclosure & Comparison of Products forms for MarketValue Index and MarketTen Bonus Index only, are revised. The revision date is 04-21. The revised forms are included on AppBuilder and E-App, and required beginning 5/1/21. For a recap of the changes, click here.

*New Jersey Disclosure Statements are unchanged and dated 04-20. 

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Form Revision – Financial Needs Analysis - Required 4/1/21 


The Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) form ET-2506(02-21) has been revised. Several fields have been eliminated to help reduce errors and corrections. The revised FNA is available now on AppBuilder and E-App. The 02-21 version is required for applications received on or after 4/1/21. For more information and transition rules, click here

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Federal Tax Filing and IRA Contributions Deadline Extended
to May 17; 5498 Forms Extended to June 30


The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service announced on 3/17/21 that the federal income tax filing due date for individuals for the 2020 tax year will be automatically extended from April 15, 2021, to May 17, 2021. EquiTrust mailing of required IRS 5498 Forms will take place by June 30th instead of the normal date of May 31st. 


For more information on the IRS website, click here.

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New Business

Suitability Calls to New Clients

As a reminder, EquiTrust conducts calls to randomly selected annuity applicants to verify responses on the Financial Needs Analysis and to confirm their understanding of the products purchased. With each annuity application downloaded on AppBuilder and E-App, an optional leave-behind flyer (ET-STBLTYCLS) helps you prepare your clients for such calls. 


Florida Accredited Investor Calls

Similarly, for all Florida annuity applicants age 65 and over, EquiTrust calls applicants if the product purchased requires accredited-investor status – as defined by the state of Florida. Anyone 65 or over purchasing an annuity with a surrender schedule over 10 years and surrender charges over 10% must be an accredited investor. MarketPower Bonus Index is the only EquiTrust annuity that meets this criteria. Accredited-investor calls are required for this group before contracts are issued. The Florida Accredited Investor Certification Form (ET-4911FL) is included on AppBuilder and E-App for MarketPower Bonus Index applicants for clients 65 or older, and must be signed and included with applications. 


Products underwritten and issued by EquiTrust Life Insurance Company, West Des Moines, Iowa. Products distributed by EquiTrust Insurance Marketing Services; in California doing business as EQT Insurance Marketing Services.




7100 Westown Pkwy Suite 200
West Des Moines, IA 50266

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